Magic 8 Bars

The sorcery of these bars is that they are super easy to make, delicious and disappear right before your eyes.

Mint Condition Cookies

These Mint Condition Cookies turned out super delicious and easy to make. The tender cookies are rich with chocolate flavor but balanced well with soothing mint flavor.

OOTN: Opera part Deux

I actually first wore this sultry sweater dress the first time I went to the LA Opera in 2013. I decided to rebirth this frock this year since I was finally able to fit it again. Since I love thrifting, I decided to share the details of this dress and some helpful hints below.

Shock Tarts

Check out these delicious Shock Tarts also known as Halloween breakfast pastries. These flavorful, flaky pastries are filled with a fresh, fruity and delicious filling.

Sweet Potato Cookie (No churn) Ice Cream Sandwiches

The sweet potato cheesecake cookies and sweet potato cookie butter (no churn) ice cream were very easy to make and turned out better than I imagined. This may sound biased, but these were probably the best ice cream sandwiches I treated to myself to.

Pumpkin Patch (Baked) Donuts

This year I made a decision to switch it up and make some delicious pumpkin baked donuts reminiscent of all my favorite fall flavors.

DIY and OOTD: Fall Tie Dye Fashion

With fall approaching on the horizon I became inspired and found a way to salvage and upgrade my dress with a unique abstract print, aka tie dye.

Happy KOBE Day!

This Kobe Day I ask that you consider how do you love and how do you create to inspire? Also examine what do you want your legacy to be? Kobe has shown us that life is way too short to not live our daily legacies. Happy KOBE Day!

OOTD: 90s Renaissance

This summer I have been going hard on all the 1990s fashion since I was definitely too young to rock some attire properly.


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