OOTD: 90s Renaissance

I posted on my social media a few weeks ago that it is a known fact that fashion repeats itself every 30 years. That means that we are currently in a 90s fashion renaissance. I recently started re-watching A Different World in the mornings when I work out. This series has served as a great reference to all the fashion inspiration the 1990s brought us. The structured suits, oversized pants and jackets, belts, crop tops, biker shorts, bold prints, slip dresses, etc. I especially love all the color blocking in the 90s, (ie. Cross Colours) which is a reference to the 1960s mod fashion.

This summer I have been going hard on all the 1990s fashion since I was definitely too young to rock some attire properly. I decided to piece together one of my favorite thrift store finds with some other ensemble pieces to create this fabulous casual fashion outfit.

See the details on this outfit below

90s renaissance

What I wore

Under the sea blazer- thrifted (Purchase similar find here)

Patchwork jeans- KUT from the Cloth (Purchase similar here)

Crop top- BP at Nordstorm (Purchase here)

Heels- Vince Camuto (Purchase here)

Phone holder bag- Dior (Purchase similar here)

Hair- Boholocs (Purchase here) *Black Owned

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