Happy 40th to me!

Another decade, another slay! I know the typical misconception is that women lie about their age. Well, surely not this one because I am elated to celebrate my 40th birthday today. I can honestly say that I am full of joy and truly blessed to be here for another momental season. As a little girl,I had other thoughts and ideas of where I would be at this age, but I wouldn’t change a thing about where I am.

I am grateful for every twist, turn, hill, valley and path my life has taken me. I can say I’m excited to see what this new decade will bring. Every decade seems to get better, so why not enjoy a new one? My thirties brought me a new city, my first home purchase, new jobs and career opportunities. I have been able to travel to more than 30 countries in my thirties and do things I only dreamed of. Most importantly my 30s brought me a closer relationship with God, a closer relationship with my family, mental and physical health with growth, peace and a true understanding of happiness.

This year I will of course be celebrating this majestic celebration in a new country. My BFF, Meisje (who is also turning 40 this year) and I decided to travel to Belize for relaxation and jubilation. Before I left, I wanted to start and share my birthday with everyone who continues to support me and who happens to be reading this. I love each and every one of you.

No one knows how much time they are given on this earth, but each day should be considered a blessing. I am also blessing you with a little fashion and food for my birthday. Check out the details below.

Cheers to 40. PEACE and LOVE.

Also shoutout to my amazing photographer, Brian Freeman. Would you believe it if I told you we went to high school together some 20+ years ago?

Check him out!!

What I’m wearing

Hot pink pleated mini dress- A.L.C. (purchase similar here)

Pink strapless bow gown- Amazon (purchase here)

Shoes- Sophia Webster

Crystal bag- Cult Gaia (purchase here)

Earrings- The Dak Brand (purchase similar here)

Birthday bag

Want to know who and how my 40th birthday cake was made?

40th birthday cake

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