Triple Chocolate Bread Pudding with Orange cream

I consider myself a bread pudding connoisseur. It happens to be my favorite dessert and I try to enjoy as many varieties as I can get my lips around. One particular afternoon I was perusing the shelves of Ross and came across and Chocolate Chip Panettone. I immediately threw it in the shopping basket. I knewContinue reading “Triple Chocolate Bread Pudding with Orange cream”

Sweet Serendipity Bakery’s Famous Caramel Sauce

This Caramel is so good. I discovered it a couple years back and made some personal changes to improve it. It is very versatile. I use it for my Old Fashion Caramel Cake, on ice cream, in my praline cheesecake, on cookies, or by itself 😉 Please enjoy!     Materials Needed 2 ½ cupsContinue reading “Sweet Serendipity Bakery’s Famous Caramel Sauce”