DIY: Crystallized Boudoir Bralet

DIY couture bralet

Original Post: January 28th, 2014

I have been looking this past year for a cute bralet that I can wear under sheer shirts. I have been having some difficulty because all the ones I seem to find are made for women with a smaller bust. I felt that this was fashion unfairness and I decided to do something about it. My girls (my boobs) and I decided to make our own bralet using and old bra that no longer fit. (Bra band was too big. Cheers to weight loss without boobage loss!! I wanted a bralet that would standout no matter if it was under a shirt or not. Here is how I did it.


Old bra of your choice

Fabric glue (I used e6000)

Clear plastic gems (in shapes of your choice)

Black Elastic in 1/2 inch and 1 inch diameters

Fabric scissors

Needle and thread

2 Swimsuit hooks (clear)

Tape Measure

Sewing pen

* I chose to have my bralet close in the front. If you would like to keep your bralet with the traditional closure you will not need the elastic or the swimsuit hook


Take tape measure and measure your chest diameter (approximately where your bra will fit.) Take your measuring tape and measure bra band  diameter where it is 1 or 2 inches in width (2 inches will give you more back support) . Mark place with sewing pen.

Take old bra and cut off back band on marked lines. Measure your old bra width with the back band portion removed. Take your chest diameter and subtract the bra diameter. This will be the length of your elastic.

Cut two pieces of the 1 inch elastic the length you measured.

Sew elastic onto sides of bra cups on the remaining portion of your bra band.

Now here comes the tedious part. Take your glue and working in small sections, glue gems onto bra cups.

Once you are finished gluing on all of your gems, cut piece of fabric between bracups. Sew swimsuit hook onto one side of bra cup. Take 1/2 inch elastic and sew onto the other bra cup. Make a small loop with your elastic and sew into place. Cut off remaining elastic.

Using measuring tape measure from armpit to armpit going around your neck. (Like a halter top). Take your other swimsuit hook and sew into one top of bra cup. Take remaining 1/2 inch fabric and cut it the length that was measured for your halter strap. Sew one side of the elastic onto the opposite bra cup top. (The bra cup without the swimsuit hook). Sew a small loop into the other side of your elastic.

Tada!! you know have a gorgeous, one of a kind custom made bralet that will fit your girls!!

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