OOTDs: Continuing Me Elsewhere

This past week I had the fabulous opportunity to return to my treasured favorite city in the world, Paris. After a two year hiatus due to the never-ending story called COVID, I was able to book myself a flight and make my way overseas. As previously told in my other posts, since my 30th birthday a trip to Paris has been an annual excursion. There is just something about that city of love that lifts my spirits and recharges my batteries. Besides the culture, the history, the food and the overall atmosphere, the Parisian fashion has served as motivation to return yearly to cherished city. For this trip I definitely had more time to plan and prepare my own fabulous fashion choices. I became even further inspired after my most recent bag purchase to add to my collection. I love a good animal, more specifically leopard print ensemble. Check out all my fabulous fashion choices during my excursion and details below.

Also don’t forget to checkout and subscribe to my travel blog, TMCLLC Life, for details about my whereabouts and more travel information.

Parisian animal print realness

Outfit Details Below

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