DIY: Spiked Sweater

Original Post: January 16th, 2013

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and I saw one of the cutest sweaters on someone’s fashion account. It was a simple sweater but what made it stand out was the shoulder embellishment. There were spikes on the shoulder, which brought a new flare to a basic top. I thought to myself “this is so easy, I can do that!” Thats exactly what I did and here is how I did it.


1. Sweater, tight knit (this one was purchased at Goodwill)

2. 30 screw on spikes, 9.5mm (purchase here: spikes)

3. fabric pen/ marker

4. ruler

5. flat head screw driver

6. Extra fabric of piece of paper


Make sure your sweater is washed and ready. Turn sweater inside out. Try sweater on. Mark on sweater approximately where spikes would sit on center of your shoulder. Take sweater off. Keep sweater inside out. Fold sweater down center so that sleeve is in the center of sweater. Place access fabric or paper between sweater to prevent bleeding of pen through fabric. Take your ruler and your pen, start from shoulder seem trace 2″ vertical line above and below shoulder seem. Starting from top center of vertical line, mark dot approximately 0.5″ apart horizontally. Move down 0.5″ from first row and mark dots again until your reach shoulder seem. Repeat the step twice on vertical line below shoulder seem. On second to last line. Draw two dots, each about 0.5″ away from vertical line. On last line, place mark in center of two dots above. Turn sweater over and repeat marks on the other side of the sweater. Try to keep both shoulder marks as identical as possible.

Keep sweater inside out, place spike screws through each mark on shoulder seem. Screw on spike. (Make sure not to complete screw down spike in case you have to reposition your spikes.) Once every spike has been screwed on, turn sweater right side out. Lay sweater flat on floor. Adjust spikes if need be. Once satisfied with spikes, using screw driver, completely screw spikes into place. Your sweater is now ready to be rocked!!

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