Deconstruct those Jeans, not your wallet

    For all those who follow the fashion trends, you know that Deconstructed or “worn” jeans are very popular. The concept is for your pants to look like they have some natural wear and tear to them. You know as a child when you tore a hole in jeans, you mom would put thatContinue reading “Deconstruct those Jeans, not your wallet”

Sundays Best OOTD: Jewel tones and peplum

                  Today definitely felt like a classic Fall day so I decided to keep my church outfit classic as well What I wore 1. Skirt (thirfted) 2. Turtleneck (Macys) 3. Navy peplum jacket (Asos) 4. Purple leather bag (Tano) 5. Black knee-length boots (Joan & David Circa)Continue reading “Sundays Best OOTD: Jewel tones and peplum”