From A White Tee to a BRIGHT Tee

I recently noticed that this past Summer and this Fall’s fashion has been featuring a new intriguing take on the classic tee. The majority of these upgraded shirts feature a plain front with a modern twist on the back. These shirts feature sheer back panels, contrasting fabrics, cutouts, sequins, etc., etc. I thought this new approach to the t-shirt was so chic and yet simple to recreate. I decided to try and upgrade my own t-shirt. Here is how I did it:









Materials Needed

1. Oversized, slouchy t-shirt (preferably Rayon material)

2. 1/2 yard of fabric of your choice

3. Seam ripper

4. needle and thread in color of your shirt (sew machine is better choice if available)

5. Fabric pen/ chalk/ eye liner

6. sewing pins

7. scissors

8. Iron








1. This first part is very tedious. Take your seem riper and remove the back panel of your shirt detaching it from the collar, sleeves, front panel and bottom hem

*whew that part is finally over

2. Unfold hem on back panel and iron flat

3. Place back panel unto fabric

4. Pin in place

5. Trace back panel unto fabric.

6. Remove pins and shirt from fabric

7. Hold and iron hems onto fabric in the same place where original hems are on the back shirt panel

8. Pin hems down

9. Sew all hew in place and remove pins

10. Turn remaining shirt (collar, sleeves, front panel, bottom hem) inside out

11. Pin hemmed fabric unto inside shirt with hems facing out (make sure seams of front and back panel match)

12. Sew fabric to remaining shirt

13. Turn shirt right side in



* To make matching fabric pocket for front of shirt

1. Take remaining fabric and measure out a 5″ x 4″ rectangle

2. Fold and iron a 1/2 inch hem around all the sides

3. Pin hems down

4. Sew hems in place and remove pins

5. Pin rectangle unto front of shirt in your place of choice

6. Sew sides and bottom of rectangle onto shirt (do NOt sew down top of rectangle)


You now have a fabulous, new, original shirt!!!







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