DIY: Fall Pumpkin Sign

If you have been following me on social media you’ll know that a few months ago I got the great idea to hang some fabulous decorations over my stove. I became inspired after seeing a post of a super chic wreath hanging over someone’s stove during the holidays. I went to my local Michaels store during the summer and found this basic ice cream shaped wooden sign. As soon as I saw it I brainstormed the idea of covering the sign with paint and sprinkles. After finishing my project I was quite impressed with the results. The decor over my stove just added an extra element of pizzazz to my kitchen/ home decor.

Here we are in my favorite season and I am even more inspired to decorate for fall. I love all the colors, fabrics, flavors and smells that are associated with autumn. I went back to my neighborhood Michaels store to peruse the aisles for more craft inspiration. I found another simple wooden sign, this time pumpkin shaped and took it home. I knew that I wanted to experiment with a new color palette rather than my usual fall colors: red, orange and gold. I went back to Michaels yet again and found some fantastic fall ribbon. This ribbon was the perfect inspiring color palette. I gathered up the rest of my craft goodies and got to work. I finally finished my pumpkin sign and I absolutely love the results, so much I decided to share this DIY with you.

All items can be purchased from Michaels Stores. See my results, step by step video and instructions below.

Step by step DIY fall plaque


  • Wood stain. I used some old walnut stain I already had on deck (pun intended). (purchase here)


  1. Stain wood pumpkin plaque with two coats of wood stain. (I used walnut finish)
  2. Paint wooden “hello” sign with white acrylic paint. Let dry.
  3. Sand and paint letters with rose gold acrylic paint. Let dry.
  4. Make bow out of ribbon by cutting 3 pieces (your choice of size) from each ribbon. Fold ribbon ends together and secure in place with craft wire.
  5. Glue flower bouquet onto bow using glue gun.
  6. Measure and cut gingham fabric to fit half of wooden pumpkin plaque.
  7. Dye gingham fabric according to package instructions. Allow fabric to completely dry.
  8. Once fabric has completely dried glue fabric onto pumpkin plaque using Mod Podge. Allow to dry.
  9. Add and secure twine to end to gingham fabric with Tacky Glue to create a border.
  10. Glue “FALL” letters onto gingham fabric using Tacky Glue or Mod Podge.
  11. Glue bow and flower bouquet to plaque using glue gun.
  12. Glue “hello” sign to wooden plaque using Tacky Glue.
  13. Allow sign to complete dry.
  14. Hang your new fabulous Hello Fall plaque up and show off!

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