OOTD: Happy Anniversary

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate my anniversary. No it’s not the anniversary you are thinking about. I celebrated one year of my fabulous small business, Kaleidoscope Sprinkles. I started my business last year not only to celebrate my passion of baking and decorating but also to celebrate the Black community. Being a small business owner is not a cake walk (pun intended), but I wouldn’t change my decision at all. I decided to celebrate my business anniversary by making a delicious red velvet number cake decorated in my favorite colors and sprinkles. I also decided to get jazzy in some bright colors, a balloon and have my own photo shoot. Check out my pictures and details of my anniversary weekend below.

Happy Anniversary to me!

Outfit Details

Shirt and skirt: Akira Chicago

Shoes: Calvin Klein (purchase similar here)

Earrings and bracelet: Kaleidoscope Sprinkles (purchase here)

Hair: Heat Free Hair

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