I’m still celebrating this wonderful 4th of July weekend. These past two days have been full of favor and fabulousness. My cousin came to visit me and we both definitely had a blast celebrating our independence in the streets of Los Angeles. We ate tacos and drank margaritas, went to brunch, went shopping and viewed eye candy. We also had a chance to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. My cousin is unfortunately already headed back to Sacramento. After all the activities and fireworks from last night, I am using today for relaxation and blog posting.

This past weekend was the most I had been outside in LA since the beginning of COVID. I was ready to step on the scene with some fashion ensembles. This weekend’s theme was centered around bandanas and always self-love. I had purchased this cute off-the-shoulder bandana print top online a few years back and I strategically waited for the perfect time and outfit to make its debut. After securing the matching bandana print bag, by a Black owned designer. I came up with the idea to make bandana print shoes as well to complete the outfit. The project was super easy to complete, so I decided to share my DIY with you.

DIY instructions and details on my outfit below


  • Scissors


Outfit Details

DIY Shoes

Shirts: 1. Black/ White- The Hanger (purchase similar here)

2. Popsicle- Akira (purchase similar here)

Jeans: KUT from the Kloth

Bag: Brandon Blackwood (purchase here)

Nails: Custom nails by Wunder Nails (contact here)

Bandana-ed down

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