DIY: Faux Floral Arrangement

I love being surrounded by flowers. Whether I’m inside or outside, the array of colors and depth that flowers display always brings me a smile. A few years ago I was looking for a cute little floral arrangement for my Paris room. I wanted a variety of different pinks to contrast my almost completely black and white room. I did a little shopping for some floral arrangements and soon came to realize that these things are expensive. The more natural and delicate looking the arrangement the bigger the price tag. I refused to pay for something that looked fairly easy and simple to make myself. I went shopping at my local craft store and then I got to work.

I was able to create my own floral arrangement that looked like a came directly from an interior decorator display. I was quite impressed with how my arrangement came out and how simple the entire process was.

Being that Valentines Day is right around corner and also to observe my local Michael’s store grand opening, I thought this would be the perfect time share this DIY project. You can make this project as a gift for your someone special or yourself.

Check out the complete DIY video and instructions below.

Complete step by step DIY video


Glass vase (I bought mine from Hobby Lobby)

1 box of resin (16 oz. total), purchase here

Faux florals of your choice (Available at any crafts store)

Twist ties/ rubber band

Permanent marker

Wire cutters


  1. Take your flowers and arrange them to your liking

2. Secure flowers with twist tie or rubber band

3. Turn vase on its side and measure flowers to height of your preference. Mark flowers using permanent marker.

4. Cut flowers at designated length using wire cutters. Trim excess leaves.

5. Using make resin according to package directions.

6. Pour resin into your vase.

7. Place flowers into vase and allow resin to dry overnight.

Tada! Look and enjoy your gorgeous floral arrangement.

Completed faux floral arrangement
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