Dresser Upgrade

Dresser Upgrade


3, Spray paint colors of your choice

1, clear gloss sealant spray 

1, drop cloth

Medium grade sand paper

Microfiber cloth


2, ¼”  wood dowels

Wood glue


Tape measure 


Painter’s tape (the blue kind) 

Packing paper

Drawer knobs


1. Clean off all dirt and debris from your dresser. (I sprayed my dresser down with water and let it dry completely)

2. Remove the drawer from dresser and unscrew old drawer pulls from drawer.

3. Sand down your dresser and drawer.

4. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe off sanded dust and debris from your dresser.

5. Lay your dresser and drawer onto your drop cloth.

6. Using one of your spray paint colors, spray the inside cabinet of your dresser and let it dry completely. 

7. While your dresser is drying, place your wood dowels into the extra dresser holes (left from the old dresser pulls) using your wood glue to stick.

8. Once the dowels have dried in place, use sparkling to cover up the remainder of the holes. 

9. Once the sparkling has dried, sand down your drawer holes until they are smooth and blend with the front of the drawer. 

10. Wipe down your drawer using your microfiber cloth. 

11. Spray the inside of your drawer using your second spray paint color. Allow to dry completely.

12. Once your dresser and drawer have both dried, use your tape measure and pencil to measure the amount needed to cover the inside of your cabinet and top of your drawer with packing paper.

13. Cut out necessary amount of packing paper and cover both the inside cabinet and top of your drawer using painter’s tape. 

14. Use remainder to painter’s tape to securely seal packing paper in place.

15. Spray the dresser and drawer evenly with your third spray paint color. Allow both to dry completely. 

16. Spray additional coat of paint on both the dresser and drawer. Allow to dry completely. 

17. Remove painter’s tape and then spray both the dresser and drawer with the clear sealant spray. Allow it to dry

18. Screw new drawer knobs into place.

19. Place drawer back into place in dresser. 

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