Easy DIY: Swank Ribbon Socks

I was doing my usual online shopping on one of my favorite websites when I came across some fabulous socks. I had never seen anything like them before. They were so simple and yet so cute!! Once I saw the price for these bad boys I was immediately turned off, $60!!!. Ummm No, not for some socks. I said to myself since these things do appear so simple why don’t I try them myself. Well I went out bought some cute little socks and got to work. The project turned out amazing and it was so simple and inexpensive. It took me less than a half an hour for my awesome socks. I decided to share my project with you since I thought it would be a great idea. Here is how I did it:




Ankle socks of your choice

5/8 inch satin ribbon (color of your choice)

fabric shears

needle and thread



Leaving your socks attached together cut an approximate 1 inch radius semi circle on back band. (Straight up from ankle line). Line up the sock on top of the other one and repeat step. Separate socks. Turn socks inside out. Using needle and thread, create 1/8 to ¼ inch hem line around circle you cut out and sew in place. Line up socks again to make sure hems are even and repeat on other sock. Once hem has been sewn, cut 4 12 inch pieces of ribbon. Keeping your sock inside out sew ribbon to inside of sock on each side of sock band. (Make sure to sew on securely as your will be tying these ribbons together.) Repeat step on other sock. Flip socks right side out. Tada!! You now have fabulous new socks that will step up any outfit. These do may great gifts, but you might want to make a pair yourself 😉


PS I’ll show you how to style these in another blog post

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