DIY: Hello Kitty Headband

This weekend LA will be hosting the first Hello Kitty convention!! I am so excited to be here for this awesome event. Hello Kitty is turning 40 so the city of LA will be turning up!!. I grew up with Hello Kitty and all her friends. To be honest she wasn’t always my favorite Sanrio character. As a child, I loved Pochacco and Keroppi better. As I grew up my love for Hello Kitty grew as well. I appreciated what she represented, individuality and her fashion was always on point. I decided that in honor of such a glorious event I should make something to represent her. Since I”ll probably be attending this event in some sort of Harajuku fashion ensemble I thought a headband would be purrfect (I’m so corny). It could also serve as headband for those looking for a last minute Halloween costume idea. Here’s how I did it:




1 headband ( I purchased a pack from Target)

1 wire hanger ( I got one from the dry cleaners)

wire cutter


white ribbon ( I bought a 2 yard spool and had plenty left)

glue gun and glue stick

1 piece of felt

permanent marker




Find and print “Hello Kitty cat ears template” online

Take headband, place on head and decide where you would like center of ears to be. Use permanent marker and mark underside of headband once off your head.

Use wire cutters, to cut off the bottom portion of wire hanger.  Cut this piece in half using wire cutter. Take each half of wire and bend in the shape of cat ear, using the template as a guide. Once both pieces have been shaped, place wire on each side of center of headband. Wrap wire around headband using pliers. (Be careful when doing this as you can easily break the headband.) Move ears to make sure they are symmetrical. Use wire cutters, to cut off access wire.

Cut long piece of ribbon. Wrap ribbon around headband and ears making sure to cover up end piece of sharp wire. Once headband is completely covered, use glue gun to glue ribbon in place.

Cut out bow template (this can be found online as well). Trace bow template onto piece of felt. Once traced, cut out felt bow. Use permanent marker to add details to bow cut out.

Use glue gun, to attach bow to headband.

How cute is that!?!


Hello Kitty convention, here I come!!

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