Upcycled bangles





As I previous mentioned, I have recently relocated to Los Angeles. Although I love this city one of the most difficult tasks to getting here was having to pack!! I’ll admit I probably have more stuff than I should, but packing is the ultimate worst. It requires so much time and materials. One of items that I always seemed to run out of was packing tape. I had so many of those cardboard rolls from the end of tape around my house that I decided that there had to be something I could do with them besides throw them away. I was able to repurpose them into some pretty aesthetically pleasing bangles. Here’s how I did it:




End of packing tape rolls

glue gun and glue stick

cord or ribbon to cover tape rolls (i got mine from Home Depot a few years back)

Fabric scissors



*Make sure that packing tape rolls are larger enough to fit on your wrist but  not big enough to fall off


Take cord or ribbon and cut a long piece of material. Using your glue gun, adhere cord/ ribbon to in the inside of your roll. Wrap cord/ ribbon and the roll. With each wrap you should continue to glue cord/ ribbon to roll to make sure it is secure. Once the roll is completely covered with the cord/ roll, glue down cord to inside of roll. Cut off remaining cord/ ribbon. Tada you now have some banging new bangles made out something meant for the garbage. Take about trash to treasure!!


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