Customized “Cali” Clutch

Going back to Cali

If you have been following the latest accessories fashion trends, statement clutches have been in since the start of 2014. This hot new way to express yourself has been gracing the runaways everywhere. I thought that I could take this trend on but definitely make it my own. No better way than to represent my love for Cali. Here is how I did it:


Acrylic clutch (I got mine from Amazon)

Acrylic letters and screws (I purchased mine online)

Power drill

1/8″ drill bit made for drilling plastic




Scotch tape



Measure front of clutch to make sure letters will fit. Make horizontal line across front of clutch where you would like top of letters to line up. Make sure line is even using leveler. Mark with pen. Take piece of tape and line up tape with pen marking. Line up letters with piece of tape to make sure they’re even. Once letters are placed where you’d like them, use pen and mark screw holes through the letters. Remove the letters. Drill holes into pen markings. Place letters back on clutch and screw letters into place. Tighten screws with screw driver. Tada you now have wonderful customized clutch!!

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