DIY: Grown and Sexy Tutu

Grown and Sexy Tutu





















I’ve always wanted a tutu. Ever since I discovered Sex and the City and saw the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw grace my screen in her layered frock I wanted to have this item in my closet. It is such a classy piece to have in any fashionista’s closet. It can be worn in so many ways, casual or dressy. It is so versatile. I figured it couldn’t be that hard to make so I decided to take on the challenge. It was pretty simple but it does require some basic sewing skills and a machine. I apologize for not taking any pictures during the process. I started and kept going. I will to my best explain each step.



1. A stiff fabric in 1 1/2 yards ( I used sateen fabric)

2. 10-12 yards of tulle

3. 1/8 yard of satin

4. 7-10 inch invisible zipper

5. Thread in color of fabric

6. Fabric/ Sewing pins

7. Measuring tape

8. Fabric scissors



1. Start with measuring your waist, and how long you want your skirt to be.

2. Fold your skirt material in half, and then in half again (basically, into quarters). Measure the radius of your waist using the formula: (waist size/ 6.28). Take the measurement and draw a line from your fabric fold to each edge of your folded fabric. Repeat this same step but using your “length of skirt measurements.” (I used a piece of string the length of the radius and the length of my skirt to get an exact arc/circle).  It should look like the figure below. When you’re done and unfold your fabric, you should have a giant circle with a hole in the middle for your waist.

skirt pattern

3. Cut one line from your waist hole to 7-10″ long. This will be where you insert your zipper.

4. Cut the same circle skirt pattern into your tulle. You should cut a minimum of 6 layers. It’s okay if they’re uneven around the edges, you wont be able to notice it when you’re done.
5. Pin all the layers of tulle together and sew it to the skirt material along the edge of the waist.
6. Cut a line the length of the zipper into all the layers of your tulle.
7. Take your satin fabric and cut the length of your measured waist plus one inch for hem. Fold your fabric length-wise and pin it down. Iron down your fold. Sew down your fold. Pin your satin band onto the top of your skirt. Make sure to match up the ends your satin band to the zipper opening of your skirt. Sew satin band onto skirt.
8. Pin zipper into place. Sew zipper onto skirt.  (I hand sewed my zipper since I do not own a zipper foot). Make sure not to sew down your tulle. You want it to be free flowing to get the proper effect.
You’re done. You now have a fabulous grown and sexy skirt!!


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