Healthy Gluten-free Stone Fruit Tart

Summer is the time for fresh fruits and vegetables. The more the merrier. I try and get as many as I can. Well on this occasion, I bought a little more than I could chew literally. My produce drawer was overflowing with extra ripe fruit, so I decided to do something with it. I took on the challenge of making a healthy Summer dessert that tasted just as good, if not better than a higher calorie version. Here is what I came up with:





1 cup brown rice flour

1/2 cup oat flour

2 tbsp of flaxseed flour

2 tbsp of honey

2 tbsp of vegetable oil

1 egg white



8 whole medium sized stone fruits (I chose peaches and plums)

1 tbsp of corn starch

1/2 serving of vanilla protein powder

1/2 tsp of cinnamon

2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice


2 tbsp of apricot preserves or pure maple syrup (optional)



Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Using a hand or stand mixer, blend flours together. Once combined, add in honey, oil and egg white. Mix until combined and consistency of crust is that of wet sand.

Using a 10 inch tart pan, press crust into pan evenly. ( Use back of flat measuring cup to help evenly spread and press crust into pan).  Blind bake crust for 12-15 minutes, until crust is light golden brown.

While crust is baking, cut fruit in half, remove seeds, then quarter each half. Once all fruit is cut up, add corn starch, protein powder, cinnamon and lemon juice. Use spatula to lightly mix all ingredients. Place fruit onto slightly cooled crust. Bake tart for 25-30 minutes on 425 degrees. Five minutes before end of cooking process, glaze fruit with preserves or syrup.

Remove tart from oven and allow to cool to room temperature. Eat alone or with frozen vanilla yogurt.


Devour and enjoy!!

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