DIY: Helloooooooo Kitty Sweatshirt

If you don’t know by now, I love Hello Kitty. I was browsing through my neighbor Kohls clearance rack when I came across this cute Hello Kitty sweatshirt in the Junior section. I thought that it was cute so I purchased it. When I got home I decided that it could use some sprucing up to make it more grown and sexy. Here’s what I did:





1/8 yards of jersey fabric, cut into 1.5 inch strips

Fabric pen or white eye liner

30- 1/4 inch studs

Tape measure

Fabric shears

Needle and thread (thread needs to be same color as sweatshirt)

Bead pliers

Sewing pins



Turn sweatshirt inside out. Place sweatshirt facing down on flat surface. Using fabric pen and tape measure, mark out symmetrical 1.5 inch vertical lines down the back of your sweatshirt. (Lines should go from top collar to bottom collar). Once all lines have been measured, cut out lines using shears. Once all lines have been cut, take jersey fabric and basket weave (interlace jersey material through sweatshirt by going over one sweatshirt strip, then under the next, and so on) through the vertical lines. Start from top of the sweatshirt and continue to basket weave until you reach the bottom collar. Once finished, the back of the sweatshirt should resemble a checker board. Make sure that all the ends of your jersey material are on the inside of the sweatshirt (the side facing you). Pin all the jersey strips into place. Using either a needle and thread or a sewing machine, sew all the strips of fabric into place. Turn sweatshirt right side out.

Try on sweatshirt to determine how long you want you shoulder cut outs to be. Use fabric pen to mark where you want cut-outs to end on your arms. Take sweatshirt off.  Fold sweatshirt vertically so that one arm sleeve is on top, facing you. Lay on a flat surface. Using your fabric pen and tape measure, make a horizontal line across arm sleeve, where you first marked the end of your cutouts. Mark out 1/2 inch vertical lines from the top collar to the horizontal line on sleeve. Once all lines are marked out. Cut out all vertical lines. Take two vertical strips on the sleeve and stud together. Continue studding until diamond pattern is achieved (see above). Repeat same process on other sleeve.

Tada!! You have a brand new adult grown and sexy sweatshirt


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