Spike that clutch!!

 I love colors, the brighter the better!! I came across this wonderful clutch at my local Ross. It was super inexpensive and neon, so of course I had to snatch it up. I said to myself, ” I need to jazz this thing up though.” That is exactly what I did. I went home, grabbed my left over spikes and went to work. Here is how I did it:


Materials Needed

1. Clutch (purchased mine from Marshall’s)

2. Styrofoam padding

3. Piece of paper

4. Pen

5. Ruler

6. Tape

7. Sharp edge/ Exactor knife

8. Screw-on spikes

9. Scissors


Here is How I did it:

Place padding inside of the clutch to protect the opposite side of the clutch from being damaged during the DIY. Take your ruler and measure area where you plan on placing your spikes. Take those measurements and measure them out on a piece of paper. Cut out area from piece of paper. Place triangle on clutch and secure from tape. Using pen and ruler, mark out dots on paper where you want spikes to be placed. Take your sharp edge and puncture holes through all the dots. Once you have finished with all your holes, take back of spike (screw back) and puncture through each spot. (Screw should be poking out of clutch). Screw spike tops onto spike bases. Repeat steps on the opposite side of the clutch. Now you’re ready to rock that clutch!!

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