Deconstruct those Jeans, not your wallet



For all those who follow the fashion trends, you know that Deconstructed or “worn” jeans are very popular. The concept is for your pants to look like they have some natural wear and tear to them. You know as a child when you tore a hole in jeans, you mom would put that ugly patch in them like that was stylish. Not so much mothers. Deconstructed jeans are the same concept without the ugly patch. Some of these jeans can cost hundreds of dollars. I refuse to pay extra for something that is “worn and torn” for me, especially if I know I can do it myself. That is exactly what I did. I bought some very nice fitting Levi’s from the Salvation Army and went to work. Here’s what I did:



Sewing scissors, tweezers, white eyeliner/ chalk, nail file


Materials needed

1. Pair of jeans ( I would start with a cheap pair for your first try, just in case you mess up)

2. Sewing scissors

3. Tweezers

4. White eyeliner/ chalk

5. Nail file



1. Put pants on

2. Mark on your jeans where you would like your jeans to be deconstructed/ cut. (remember the purpose is to look “natural”)

3. Take jeans off

4. Cut on the marked lines

5. To get the “frayed” look. Make a parallel incision along the original cut.

6. Now the tedious part: take your tweezers and pull out the individual jean fibers (perpendicular to the cut) between the fray.

7. Once finished pulling the fibers, take your nail file and file along the border of the  cut

8. Also file along the pockets in the front and back.

9. Toss jeans in the washer and dryer

10. You’re done. Put on your jeans and wear them proudly


Front view jeans



back view jeans


deconstructed jeans












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