DIY: Fabulous Leather Fringed Heels

Fringe is definitely in! As it comes to fashion this season, you can find fringe on pretty much anything. This simple feature seems to add an extra layer of pizazz to shoes, clothing, handbags, etc. I especially like that extra element on the different shoes of the season. It makes the shoes seem extra special, but unfortunately also extra expensive. I, of course, thought to myself that this is something that I could tackle as a project. I gave it try and they turned out great. It was super easy to do and took me about 10 minutes total. Lots of compliments. Here’s what I did:


One pair of ankle strapped heels with at least one inch band

Leather Fringe Sheets (I bought mine from Hobby Lobby)

Velcro coins/stickers , smaller diameter than width of ankle band (also from Hobby Lobby or Jo-anns)

Fabric shears

Fabric tape measure


Take your super cute heels and measure the ankle band where you plan to apply the fringe. (Make sure you buy enough fringe to cover the entire area). When measuring, make sure to not measure the area that goes through the buckle (if you have one) since you can not add fringe here. Cut your fringe to match the measurements on each side of the band (buckle and unbuckled side)

Apply the soft side of the velcro stickers to the back of the ankle band. This way if you want to remove the fringe you may still wear your shoes comfortably. Place the opposite piece of the velcor sticker onto the leather fringe making sure that the stickers will match when you place the fringe onto the shoes.

Apply your fringe onto shoe with the velcro stickers.

Let the shoes sit overnight to maximize the velcro adhesive. Your shoes are now super fabulous and ready to rock. Nobody will know you made your own shoes and saved yourself hundreds of dollars as well.

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